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The Cobb County Tax Assessors office mails annual assessment notices to all owners of taxable Real and personal property tax returns (Cobb County).
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Does the City of Powder Springs have a school tax? When are property taxes due?

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What if I don't receive a property tax bill? When are the City of Powder Springs taxes billed and due?

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How is the amount due of my Property Tax determined? I paid these taxes at closing - why am I getting a tax bill?

What are the tax exemptions available in the City and when do I apply for these? What happens if my tax bill is paid after the due date?

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Is my tax statement sent directly to my mortgage company? If you assume that looking online at any of the numerous online sites that claim to give you a value estimate is accurate, Think again. Read more The Appraisal Process. Before the housing collapse, when applying for a loan, you would go to your bank or mortgage broker and apply. Upon approval, they would explain the property would be appraised by a real estate appraiser and as the borrower, the cost of the appraisal was to the borrower even though the appraisal is for the ….

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While the practices of appraising are all the same no matter what area you are in, the locations within the city present different obstacles and challenges for appraisers. Different …. Enter the Owner Name to search on. Enter the Street Number to search on. Geo Parcel Number.

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Pizza Planet. Enter the Abstract name to search on. Enter the Sub Division to search on.

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Enter the Mobile Home Park to search on. Enter the Condo type to search on. Enter the Township Section to search on.